• I am a Phd student in the PRI-SDL at UCAS, advised by Prof. Jianbin Jiao. I got the B.Eng. in Software Engineering at SYSU.

• My research is in computer vision and machine learning. I work on visual recognition (object recognition, image segmentation, scene classification) and weakly supervised learning.


• I got the WiCV Travel Award :P
• Two abstract papers are acceppted by WiCV 2018.
• One paper is acceppted by CVPR 2018 as spotlight.
• I won the National Scholarship 2017.
• One paper is acceppted by ICCV 2017 as poster.


Weakly Supervised Instance Segmentation using Class Peak Response

Yanzhao Zhou, Yi Zhu, Qixiang Ye, Qiang Qiu, Jianbin Jiao.

Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) spotlight, 2018.

Paper Code

Soft Proposal Networks for Weakly Supervised Object Localization

Yi Zhu, Yanzhao Zhou, Qixiang Ye, Qiang Qiu, Jianbin Jiao.

International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2017.

Paper Project Page

Correlated Topic Vector for Scene Classification

Pengxu Wei, Fei Qin, Fang Wan, Yi Zhu, Jianbin Jiao, Qixiang Ye.

IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (TIP), April 2017.

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Aerial Detection System, 2017

Our system won first place ( vehicle detection) and second place (plane detection) in the XingTu Cup Remote-Sensing Contest. Media coverage

Contraband detecting of luggage in X-ray images, 2017

To address the problem of obtaining object-level annotations of large scale Xray images, I lead a team to develop an weakly-supervised contraband detecting system based on Soft Proposal Network (my ICCV 2017 paper).


Women in Computer Vision (WiCV) of CVPR 2018, Travel Award.
Merit Student Award in UCAS, 2018.
National Scholarship, 2017
First place of Xingtu Cup Vehicle Detection Competition, 2017.
Second place of Xingtu Cup Plane Detection Competition, 2017.
Merit Student Award in UCAS, 2017.


zhuyi215 at mails.ucas.ac.cn
No.380 Huaibeizhuang, Huairou District, Beijing, China.
A-2 BLDG, RM. 332.


Taekwondo (black belt 1st dan).
Traveling, hitchhiking, cycling.